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          It was their third night together after having made love. Tonight, though, they hadn't. Running in the warm rain of the afternoon's showers had exhausted them and they both hadgone straight to sleep. She, however, had been interrupted. It was a little past midnight, according to the clock on the dresser.
          She was wide-awake. She shouldn\t have been. A restless and urgent energy filled her. She shifted her position next to his warm body. Their skin stuck together slightly wherethey had the strongest contact, but minimal force peeled them apart. She curled herself a little more around him. She sighed, her hot breath blowing across the skin of his neck.
          She thought back to the afternoon, and after the rain shower. In order to clean the mud grass and pine needles from their hair and clothes, they had hopped into the shower. Sherelived the sensations of his hands holding her as he kissed her under the falling water, and how quickly they peeled off each other's sopping wet clothes, and spent a moment holding eachother with the water all around them. Their hearts beat in time that moment.
          They embraced for only a moment, and though it seemed much longer it also felt as though time could never hold enough moments like this. She pulled away and gazed into hissmiling eyes. His hands rested on her waist, and hers over his neck, with her fingers locked into his flowing hair. She pulled herself closer, and pressed her chest against his so that theirhearts touched and beat in time.
          Her remembering was disturbed as he shifted his position. His chest rose and fell. The rhythm soothed and lulled her a bit. She stretched her long legs against his, and afterstretching brought them back to rest. She slipped one of her legs between his and hooked her calf under his knee.
          A breeze through the open window brought back the smell of rain. She inhaled deeply, remembering earlier this afternoon. They were laying on each other, writing poetry,spouting philosophy, and enjoying the closeness of another human being. She had been watching the clouds roll in. They made a slow creeping progression until the entire sky was filled. She pointed it out to her lover, and he smiled, replying that he wouldn't have noticed until the clouds dropped to become fog, since he was lost in her eyes whenever she spoke.
          She smiled at him, and closed her eyes, as he ran his fingers through her hair. That was his silent reminder of his declared love for her. I love you too, a small part of her mind hadwanted to shout, but she didn't. Instead she sat up and took his face in her hands and kissed him. At first letting her tongue just wet his lips, net she played her tongue down the length ofhis. She tasted him, and relished the feeling of his tongue passing her lips. She felt their souls meet at this and every other junction between their bodies.
          He pulled away to look in her eyes. It was as though she had seen him for the first time, and all the wonder of their first impressions came back to greet her, and hold herspeechless. Instead of talking, she grabbed him and held him tightly against her to prevent anything from separating them. She started to play with his hair as the first drops of rain fell.Despite the wetness, they remained embraced until his long hair had become thoroughly soaked.
          The sound of the wind in the trees jolted her from the memory, and she turned her head and looked at his soft features. She wanted to kiss him, but didn't want to wake him. Shewished there were some way to do both. She leaned her neck forward again, and pressed her lips to his neck, feeling his pulse through them and gently placed her lips on his neck, so shecould feel his heart beat there, and through her palm, which rested directly above it.
          He twisted a little. His legs toward her, and head away, which both locked her leg into place, and made her neck a little more comfortable. She felt his heart increase in speed for acouple seconds, then return to the steady pace she was accustomed to. After a few moments, she noticed that his manhood was slowly starting to rest on her thigh from whatever positionit held before. It was engorged from sleep, and though not completely flaccid, not completely hard either.
          She moved her hand from his heart to touch it. She smoothed the hair around it back, and trailed her fingers down its length. She liked the feel of it. It was smooth and *pliable, ifnot soft to her gentle touch. She wondered how much she could do to it before it woke him. She also wondered what he'd think to wake to that, or even if it reduced him to beingincapable of thought. She hoped it wouldn't. She enjoyed his thoughtfulness, though she was excited at the prospect that maybe she could have that kind of effect on him. Overall, shehoped she enhanced his ability to think, rather than detracted or removed it entirely.
          Slowly she removed her leg from his lock, and she removed herself from his embrace. She was the most reluctant to pull her lips from his neck. There was really no reason toleave him, but she wanted to be careful in her little experiment. She crept out of the bed before pulling his legs apart enough to fit her hips between them.
          Inching her way back onto the bed, this time starting from the foot and leading with her legs, she sat with her hips between his thighs, and her feet at his elbows. She wanted to feelhis chest against hers; like she had the first time they made love. She reached a hand between his legs to stroke him a little more strongly than before.
          With his eyes still closed, he clumsily raised his hand to cover hers. His hands were soft and gentle once they rested on top of her hands. His fingernails rasped her wrists lightly ashis fingers moved up her arms and wrapped themselves around her wrists.
          She grinned, an almost feral expression, as he his lips curled in a smile, and he opened his eyes. She supported herself with one arm, and lifted slowly until the tip of him brushedher pink pearl. She shivered at the contact, and felt her blood rush to complement his erection. She slowly lined herself up with him, and lowered herself down his shaft. She sighed as hespread her apart, filling her where she ached for his touch. Her blood drained from her face as she drew one deep breath after another. This was something she wanted from hem. Feltthat she needed. The desire for it flared inside her, burning as he burned within her.
          He tried to sit up, to take her in his arms as she had wanted, but she stopped him. It was her turn to take control. She lifted one foot and placed it on his shoulder forcing him back tothe bed. Once he was lying, she pinned him with her other leg. At first she rolled her hips over him, let her weight grind him deep within her, she continued until they were both pantingand she caught herself moaning at the feeling.
          The feelings inside her were exhilarating. She gasped for breath as she rolled him inside her, feeling a knot within her rubbing him harder and harder. The tension and urgencybuilt along with the pleasure. She pushed against him with her legs, and rode him up and down. Each descent pushed him deeper within her. He had started using his arms to help supporther. She only noticed because it eased the burning in her legs. She was lost in the world where they joined. All there was for her was the sight of his face, the feel of him inside her andhis love, which seemed to encompass everything.
          The tension wound tighter within her, increasing as she cried out in pleasure, moaning with him. The ache in her arm and legs increased too, she couldn't make the strokes as long anymore on her own, but he had started thrusting his hips contrary to her motions to make up for it. She rode him like that until she needed to wipe beads of sweat off her forehead. She lether freehand fall between her legs and she started to rub her clit with the urgency common to both of them.
          She gripped him hard within herself; heard his moans hasten until her legs could no longer move her. She let him hold her up while her legs rested, but only for a moment. Sheslowly started to rotate her hips around him as he thrust into her, each stroke making her entire body tingle. She cried out again as she tried to keep rotating left to right and back in timewith him, massaging him, and making him rub her to satisfy the urgency that kept increasing. She felt herself nearing it, as her fingers and legs worked harder and harder.
          In moments she felt the tension within her about to break she held her breath, trying to hold on to that feeling. She stopped her movements while he pushed into her once more, thentwice, and the third time the urgency broke in her. She cried out a final time, as she felt her muscles grip him tighter, felt him increase his pace to an almost desperate speed, she felt eachend of his stroke send waves of pleasure within her until she felt him pulsating within her, heard him crying out as she had. Her knees weakened, and her arm started to buckle beneath heras he slowed and then stopped his motions too.
          He pushed her legs off him tenderly; she let him as she struggled to start breathing again. Her first panting breaths came to her after he had sat up and had his arms around her. Once she started breathing again, she kissed him, and repeatedly whispered, "I love you." It was all she could say, and all she thought at that moment, as she relaxed in his embrace. Breath after breath it remained all she could say to him until he kissed her again, and stopped her so he could say to her, "Hana mo Arashi, aishiteru."
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