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Please note that this needs a lot of work, and I really need to go over it at least twice more. So read at your own risk.

Fushigi Tekunoroji


The conclusion of Miaka's struggle against the Seiryuu no seishi came about.The Universe of the Four Gods Earth and Sky sealed itself and disappeared. As time progressed the book found itself across the sea, buried beneath other books of an esoteric nature. The Library was a place for texts like The Universe. . . . Not only this, but there was a need for it here as there had been earlier in Japan. This need is why the text found itself in its new home.

Chapter 1 Amedus

         Words unspoken between sensei and gakusei told that work needed to be done. There was work, and although there was a lot of it he wasn't opposed to doing it. Life at The Library wasn't too active, although many of the books contained were always the most interesting reading. The Library was the residence of linguistics texts, along with a select few magical texts.
          The task at hand was that of organizing the new books, and the books that have been returned. There were five new books, and four of them concerned the learning of a multitude of languages that haven't been spoken in hundreds of years. The one that gave me trouble was an ancient Chinese text, which, after hours of translation, he found the title to be The Universe of Four Gods.
As the last book was placed on its shelf a small thump sounded behind me. Turning he found the sleek black molded plastic cover and an almost illegible black type marring the reflective surface with the words: A Brief History of a Technocratic God.
          Opening the book revealed to me that the pages contained had no writing on them, but rather each contained a compact disc, only one of which was labelled. The words read Chapter 1: Amedus. The casing fell from loose fingers, creating a thump louder than the first.
          With A Brief History. . . tucked into his jacket, he locked The Library, and began to return to his apartment. The drive was uneventful, with the exception of finding the earring that his roommate had lost. He placed it in his shirt pocket absently.
          Angela was your given name wasn't it? He thought at the Goth that he shared an apartment with. Lady Angel Death doesn't quite suit you.
          As he drove onward, he felt anxiety creeping up through his limbs. What was on that disc? His speed increased as he continued driving, and he continued to become more anxious about the contents of the disc.
          With the Nova parked next to a mini-van, he turned off the lights and sprinted inside. Walking through the door he saw Lady Angel Death asleep on the couch, her thick white make- up marring the cloth covering the furniture. Continuing past her he turned on the computer and loaded the CD.
          The screen darkened for a moment as the processor made its rounds, and eventually showed to the screen a graphic of an ancient leather-bound book, bearing the same title as the plastic case in his hand. The image began its animation, and opened to reveal a beautifully illuminated manuscript. The words contained were in English, however this was not what frightened me the most. The words spoke of his life.
          "What is this?" He whispered. Grabbing the mouse, he tried to turn the pages, but no cursor presented itself. As he tried to exit using the Alt, Ctrl, and Del buttons, a light flared and he lost consciousness.

Opening his eyes against the throbbing pain in his head, he looked around. The light of the room was absent. An alarm rang, a bell like those of a fire alarm. Looking about for an exit he saw only grey walls. If there was an egress it eluded me with the ability of a fox. Walls were beaten, and screams issued, as he felt the room temperature increase.
          "Somebody help me!" He called. Looking about once more, frantically and panicked, he realized that there was nothing that could help me.
          "Where am I?" He shouted, exasperated. His knees bruised as they failed to hold his weight. "Somebody help me!"
          "Amedus!" Returned Angela's voice, "What on earth are you doing?"
          "Angie, I don't know, can you help me?" He called back.
          "I don't know how. What happened to you?"
          "I was at my computer, and I saw this light. Where are you?"
          "I'm in the apartment I heard you screaming, and I read about you on the screen. Are you in the computer?"
          "I don't bloody know. But don't touch the keyboard, I tried to exit the program and that's when this happened." Looking around , he still heard the siren, although it didn't seem to be so hot anymore.
          "Amedus, is there any way for you to return? Did you read anything in those books?"
          "Magic doesn't work that way, haven't he explained this to you before?"
          "Okay, let me try something. I've got an idea."
          "Angie, what are you doing?" he asked alarmed.
          "Maybe I can help you, let me try this."
          "Angela, don't do this. Angela stop. An-" he was cut off by the light once more. When he opened his eyes, he say the computer screen standing idly by, the pages of the book filling with words as he peered at it.

* * *
Angela looked about for an exit to the grey room she existed within when the alarm bells ceased their ringing. A voice could be heard saying, "This has been a test of the fire alarm. There has been no actual fire. Please go on with your day."
          A light opened in a corner of the room, the edges of a door. Opening further there was a man on the other side. "Your death is is a necessary evil," he began . "I regret having to do this."
          "What do you want?"
          Without a response, he brought out a pistol, and fired a pale white light at Angela.
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