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Please note that this needs a lot of work, and I really need to go over it at least twice more. So read at your own risk.

Fushigi Tekunoroji

Chapter 2

          Angela stared at the laser hole created in her the center of her chest. She knew with dread certainty that her heart was still trying to beat, even though it now labored exposed to air that was rapidly smelling like burnt flesh. An unfamiliar gurgling sound erupted from the back of her throat, as the pain began to make its presence known. In short waves, she felt her entire being drawn away from her. When unconsciousness finally seized her, the synapses of her brain had enough time to finish the formulation of a single thought: My name is Angela.
          Her body fell, limp, to the floor. No scream was heard from her dying lips; the man watched expressionlessly to proceed with looking over the newly fallen body.
* * *

         Amedus looked at the screen for further developments, any motion of the text, or anything. A blank page rewarded his patience. What have I done? He asked himself. Anger poured through him, as he began to lose conscious control of himself. His breath rasped in his throat. The first tear fell.
* * *

         Studying the new casualty of the first faction assault, Kory reviewed the plans. There weren't supposed to be any non-combatants in here damnit! The plan to remove most of the office workers through a fire set on four floors. The woman was definitely not a security person. Her face was very pale, yet somewhat attractive. Looking closer, he noticed the stark lack of the identification required for all personnel.
          "If this woman isn't a member of Magi-corps, then who is she?" He asked aloud. Looking directly at her face, which bore a surprising semblance of peace, he addressed the corpse directly. "Who are you?"
          "Who indeed." A feminine voice behind him spoke. "This is an interrogation room, and there wasn't anyone scheduled to be here. You may slowly turn and put down your weapon."
          Turning as instructed, he placed the laser on the ground in front of his feet. The woman who held him captive wore a set of black medical scrubs, and a matching facemask. A high-powered laser pistol was held in one hand. The other hand reached for his weapon on the ground. "And how do you know this?"
          "I am the person running this section. Your little raid is over. Magi-corps security has already subdued your invasion force. I found your heat pattern in the sensors, and decided to see who you were, and now I do." A rumble shook the floor. "What is that?"
          Kory grinned before saying, "That is our little invasion force--the aerial strike. In less than two minutes, there will be the second wave entering through that hole in the roof. This facility is now ours."
          A voice could now be heard as the fire alarm went off again, "All personnel, all personnel, there is a fire on the 130th floor. Please calmly exit the building."
          "Look," he offered, "if you're don't want to die, I would suggest that you surrender."
          The masked face looked at him, then the woman backed out of the room slowly. Her eyes stared piercingly into his while she exited.
          With the woman in black out of the room his mind turned to the dead woman on the floor. Not being a member of magi-corps, she would need to be provided with a burial. Picking up the body, he slung her over his shoulder to carry her to a safer place. He walked out and followed his entrance route to find the first faction meeting point. Through one corridor, and on to the second, he smelled burnt flesh, and saw bodies lying on the ground. One of which was moaning.
          "Help me, please." Whispered the woman in black. Blood trickled out of the side of her mask, as she coughed.
          Against his better judgement he decided to aid the woman. Gently putting the woman he carried on the floor, he lifted the one grunting with pain even more carefully. One step at a time he follow the woman's whispered directions to the nearest medic room.
          "Thank you. I think I can go on from here." She said once the room was reached.
          Putting her down on her feet, she weakly began to remove her clothes and place sensors on her body. Her mask was the last to be removed, revealing a porcelain-like complexion that the rest of her body carried. Her icy blue eyes were complimented her delicate features. Her hair was a light blonde, cut short and close to her head. Before he realized he was staring, he noticed also the three pinpoints of laser fire in her torso, and the fourth on her leg, all of which had begun bleeding by the time she finished placing the last sensor.
          "What is your name?" He asked her as she began to walk toward the chamber in the center of the wall.
          She kept walking, as though she hadn't heard him ask. Until she entered the regen chamber. When she turned to face him, a smile hinted at the corners of her mouth, "My name is Alice." She said, before the regen chamber closed, and proceeded to fill with its deep blue liquid.
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