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         You come home late from work one night. Youíre tired and the only thing on your mind is plopping into bed and falling into an exhausted sleep. You open the door. The lights are off. Your husband must have gone to bed already. Walking through the house you donít bother to turn on lights, as you peel off clothes worn for many more hours that day than they should have been. You drop a cloth article on a couch as you pass. Your stockings lay in a heap on the floor, and your skirt at the threshold to the doorway. Itís only a couple more yards before you make it to your bed. Your mind is already shutting down as you open the door and see the large, soft, mattress. Too tired to fumble with your last articles of clothing, you fall onto the bed and start to doze off without even moving to cover yourself with a sheet. Your fatigue slowly drifts from your body as you grow closer and closer to dark oblivion.
         A hand covers your own hand, and you hear your husband whispering his love for you. He must have been waiting here in the darkness for you to enter. The message you left was just that youíd be a little late. Vaguely you remember smelling food that had been prepared for you, and had perhaps been waiting for you on the dining room table. You try to sit up against your overriding fatigue, but the other in the room places a finger to your lips and he tells you to just relax. Realizing that youíd rather do just that, you comply, and close your eyes as his fingers run through your hair and he bends over you to kiss you deeply. You kiss back with all the energy you have, but you know that it isnít much. His lips pass down your neck, you feel his hair cascading around your face and it tickles your shoulder gently and comfortingly. His soft breath against your flesh causes goose bumps to rise on your delicate skin.
         You lazily reach a hand up to touch his cheek. He covers it with one of his own and kisses your palm and wrist. His other hand caresses your raised arm and he kisses more of it, changing position from wrist to elbow to shoulder, and as he moves closer to your body you feel his hair again engaging contact with your own naked flesh. His warm breath moistens your flesh subtly, as he presses your hand to his bare chest and he whispers for you to roll over. Still tired, you are roused enough by him that you find the energy to follow through with exposing your back to him. His hands work over your shoulders against the knots of tense muscles that the day had accumulated. He straddles your waist, and as his knees sink into the bed a small part of your mind idly notices that the rest of his body is as bare as his chest, as he rests himself lightly above your back. Your body responds slowly to this new revelation, but youíre still too tired to engage him in your little fantasies.
         Your muscles loosen beneath his tender, yet strong hands and your acute fatigue no longer feels so troublesome. You notice that as heís been massaging your back and shoulders that his manhood moved slowly and now pressed more actively against you further up your body from before. You move your hand to stroke his outer thigh to show your appreciation for his thoughtfulness. He leans against you to kiss the back of your neck. You sigh and feel as though youíve melted into your bed. Your shoulders are no longer tense and your mind free of the fatigue haze that obscured it before. You become acutely aware of how close he is to your body. His hands undo the fastenings on your bra and his lips kiss down your spine as he rises off of you. A part of you begs that he return and leave his wonderful hands against you. They donít even have to move, just touch you. Itís all you feel you need at that moment.
         Your loverís hands do return to your body. He begins to massage your legs and he slowly moves down one to focus on your tired feet for a few minutes. He repeats the procedure on the other leg before reversing it. As his fingers move up your upper thigh, you catch your breath. You realize exactly how much you want those magic hands to touch you in ways they have many nights before. You ache for them to be pressed against you and you shift with the anticipation of it all. When his fingers move to slide your underwear off, your breathing quickens at the thought of him touching you, and you flex your loosened leg muscles.
         His fingers trail down your spine, and you shiver with anticipation. Your lips curl in a smile as his hands make the transition from your back to your upper thighs, over the luscious curves of your buttocks. Once again, you are caressed by his hair, as he kisses the base of your spine, and his lips move down your body to rest at the back of a knee. You feel his tongue passing over your skin, your shaven legs tingle at his touch, and breath. You breathe deeply and roll over to face your lover. His head is still bent to your knee and you feel his lips once again contact your smooth skin. You reach a hand to his chin and you manage to pull him to your lips for a long and slow kiss. His hand slides up your leg to rest on your hip, but you realize that you want it to replace his hair draped over your breasts ever so much more.
         You press your chest against his with energy that you didnít know you had. His hand obeys your unexpressed wishes and his fingers trace patterns of a concentric spiral around your breast, each side slowly approaching your pink nipple. For a second time, he kisses your neck and his lips close around your earlobe. He whispers his reaffirmation of his love for you as his fingers near the center of your breast and then stop, just barely touching your nipple. His tongue passes around the outside of your ear, and his lips move to kiss the corner of yours, as his palm falls to rest atop your standing nipple.
         Your husbandís hair covers your face and you look up at him, his lips are curled in a smile, and his eyes are reflecting the same feelings of love and closeness that you feel for him. His lips descend upon your neck and move down your body yet again. The need you feel for him is greater now than you can remember it ever being. His thumb presses against and teases your nipple and his finger dance upon your breast. You feel his lips on your bellybutton, but notice even more strongly that he hasnít stopped moving until his breath between your legs makes you squirm and press yourself against his opened lips. He licks around your engorged and moist opening and your muscle contracts under his sensitive touch. You reach down and run your fingers through his long hair, and let it fall on your stomach as he probes deeper into you. You release a breath you didnít know you were holding only to catch your breath again as his tongue passes next to your swollen clitoris. Your breathing is irregular as you are increasingly aware of his hand on your chest, and the teasing motions that are being made.
         You moan gently as his motions quicken. You move one of your hands to imitate his on your free breast as you continue stroking his hair and looking down on him. His breath, now shorter, passes down your legs and you spread them wider for him to have more area to attend to. Waves of pleasure pass over you, and you press against his mouth again, wanting his tongue to explore you deeper than before. His mouth closes over you, and seals for the suction he creates, bringing his probing the depths you desire the most. The tip of his tongue passes over your most sensitive spots, and you moan louder as the pleasure increases to envelop you completely.
         Your hand in his hair falls to your stomach like so much of his hair, but you slide it down as you very gently caress his. He halts his increase in pace, and you lay in the wake of pleasure until your need for more forces you to beg him to go faster. He complies and you slide a finger to help his tongue in stimulating yourself. Your breathing now heavy and short is spotted with moans and light grunts as you feel your pleasure rising quickly. Your husbandís mouth and tongue send pleasure through you and you feel yourself pressed harder against him, before relaxing and then repeating again the pressure with more strength. A shiver runs down your spine as you pass the point of no return and you gasp in pleasure as you feel a first orgasm rock your body. A second followed by a third and fourth pass through you, and your body tenses, holding on tighter to a life line as waves of pleasure continue to pass over you, and your muscle repeatedly clenches around your husbandís tongue.
         You lose track of the number of times the tides of pleasure washed over you, as you lay in a pleasure induced haze. Your husbandís mouth reluctantly releases you, and he lays next to you and caresses you, as you regain your breath, and realize that you have developed a thin sheen of sweat from his actions. You close your eyes and you let your mind wander as his hands cover your slick body. When you feel you can speak you tell him that heís wonderful and that you love him. He responds saying that he could be no more wonderful than the woman before him, and you accept that and shift your position so that you can rest your head on his shoulder. He tells you that he had a candle-lit dinner set up for the two of you, but that when you hadnít shown up he changed his plans. You nod against his chest and tell him youíre sorry you missed it all. Fatigue washes over you and you yawn. You feel his chest vibrate as he responds to you, but you have already started to drift to sleep under the mesmerizing rhythm of his heartbeat. He kisses your forehead and you relax completely against him.
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