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         In greeting we clasp hands and kiss lightly on the lips. Her eyes linger on mine as we separate to stare with longing adoration. Her fingers find their way to my temples and through my hair before stopping to rest on the back of my neck.
         "Hi sexy." She breathes with a smile. With this sparse greeting and a second kiss, we enter the car after she hands her packed bags to mine, signaling the commencement of the trip.
         The six hours of driving pass quickly as we trade stories, compliments and words of wisdom. Still laughing over or last joke, we arrive at our wild destination, unpack the car, and set up the tent for the weekend. Once finished I start a small fire bordered with stones to prepare a meal before the night falls.
         In the warm afternoon air we eat fresh berries, ripe fruits and roasted marsh mellows before we recline on the ground feeding each other grapes, and watching the sun drift past the horizon and letting our playful mood rise with the moon.
         Laughing we let the full moon's light guide us through the woods in a game of tag and tickle that leads us to a glistening pool of water and a small meandering stream. The game we play gives way to another as we tumble into the soft streambed, splashing the refreshing water, and kicking up the mud.
         We tangle our limbs as we rise to our knees, the earth of the streambed stuck in our clothes. She, with a handful of mud, adds more of the dirt to an unsoiled portion of my clothes, leaving me to retaliate by pulling her shirt over her head and dunking her under the now muddy water.
         Sputtering water in my face, she raises again to push me to the shore where the mud is thicker and in the process, she rips my shirt from my chest to spread the clay over me. From my new angle, I pin her chest down with my legs and struggle with removing her pants, oblivious to the fact that she's also succeeding to do the same to me.
         Naked to our undergarments, we continue to mound the mud on each other and laugh into exhaustion under the bright full moon where we lay cuddled close and trace words and phrases into the wet dirt that covers both of us.
         As the mud starts to dry, our mischievous energy returns to coerce us into the pool to clean ourselves. We playfully splash and wrestle before we stop to provide the special attention needed to remove the remaining mud from our hair. With tender caresses, I work the mud from her hair, allowing the dirt to dissipate down the stream as she does the same to me.
         With most of our hair clean, I stop with my hand on her cheek, feeling the soft flesh of her mouth stop time and make my pulse race within me. "I love you." I whisper as though they are the only remaining in any language. Stepping closer to me, she wraps her arms around my shoulders and kisses me deeply. I hear air rushing from her lungs, and feel her warm breath on my cheek as we prolong this grand moment of bliss.
         She tangles her fingers in my hair and leads me to the grassy edge of the pool where we lay with our legs in the sandy streambed. You face my profile, tracing the outline of my silhouette. A cloud passes in front of the moon and I roll to face her realizing that the moon could only be so bright from the radiance of her smile.
         She trails her hand down my naked chests and I shiver involuntarily under her magical touch, as it moves from my stomach to under my now restraining underwear. With her help, I shed the last of my clothes. She rolls over me to straddle my chest and lean over me while kissing me and rubbing her soft breasts against me. Slipping my arms around her, I remove her bra, and pull her underwear as far down her legs as the situation allows before raising my fingers to her armpits to tickle her until she falls to the ground.
         With vicious energy she tickles me back until I squirm away and retreat back to the water. She chases me enthusiastically after removing her panties from around her knees. The chase leads us downstream again where she tackles me into the mud of our previous enjoyment. Hearing the wet sloping sound as we roll with laughter and kiss through the thickening layer of mud, we find our excitement for the moment heady and intoxicating.
         Holding tightly to each other, and rolling over and under in an effort to maintain dominance, we keep building a thicker layer of mud on our bodies until she shrieks with the realization that in the maneuvering, I managed to pin her beneath my weight while I kissed her.
         I relax a little and rest my weight on her as she kisses me back energetically. I notice the amazing softness of her skin beneath me, as the mud suctions our bodies together. As this distraction takes my attention from keeping her down, she takes advantage of the game, and flips me on my back. After a short struggle, I let her pin and kiss me against the ground. She ends the engagement by digging her fingers into my ribs as she laughs with me, equally tickled.
         While laying and holding each other in shallow part of the stream, again encrusted completely with mud, we profess the undying love and eternal affection we declared on our fist night together. A light breeze stirs the grass and leaves, as well as us as we face the stars above. "You know," I begin, " There's one of those for every reason that I love you."
         In response she lifts her head from my chest and kisses me deeply before scooping up water to clean the mud from my body. She kisses down the center of my chest while quickly clearing ahead of her slow migration. I stand and pick her up to carry her to where the stream is deeper and sandy.
         We clean the dirt from each other a second time, making sure that every last inch is as perfectly clean as the day we were born. Pressed tight against her naked body, I feel her softness again, as we take turns breathing in a perfect rhythm.
         Her hands wander down my body before firmly grasping my buttocks and moving from there to the inside of my thighs. I feel my arousal grow as she wraps her fingers around my manhood and slowly strokes it beneath the water. I move my hands to find her sweet tasting womanhood. She sighs with pleasure as my fingers pass over her pink pearl, and around the edge of her entrance before plunging slowly into her warm softness.
         We drift in the wake of our pleasure as we move to where the water is even deeper and our bodies more buoyant in the water, for the ease of our movements to come. Lifting herself from my shoulders, she guides herself onto my manhood slowly before wrapping her legs around me. Gently, she strokes me, using her legs and the added support of my hands and arms to move her body against mine.
         We kiss with wonton passion as the flesh within her continues to clench myself and our pleasure filled sense of ecstasy increases with each moment. The tension builds with our moans of pleasure and the moon approaches midnight. Keeping time with the orbiting satellite, we slowly increase our pace to heighten our joy in the moment, as I feel each long powerful stroke of our bodies send waves of pleasure though me.
         Our breathing becomes heavy as we try to fight the inevitable conclusion of our brief union, though we know it to be as rewarding as our current actions. I feel my knees grow weaker as her moans and rhythmic motions become a desperate pumping to bring us both bliss. I feel myself stay to the edge of our point of no return until I hear her moan with the first of her series of orgasms. I feel my muscles within her pulsating as her second orgasm starts, and I keep our wonderful motions going until she subsides from her fourth orgasm.
         I walk us up to the edge of the pool where we lay now with her exhausted on top of me, and my engorged member still inside of her. I lovingly stroke her hair and hold her until I feel her breath on my chest repeat the familiar rhythm of sleep. After she does this, I allow myself to drift slowly to sleep, trying to drink every last drop of her being near to me.
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