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Firewire detonate
From my love, I save my hate.
Burn me through and cleanse my fate
Of the pain I tolerate.
Set me free without debate,
Or the time will be too late,
And I'll lose my current state
Firewire detonate

Firewire detonate
In the dark I masturbate
And your image desecrate.
Though this does incriminate,
I beg, please do not berate
How I overcompensate
For desire with my hate.
Firewire detonate

Firewire detonate
Wash away as I ablate
All the good I had innate.
Let me stand a bit irate
As I move to validate
Jealousy that I inflate
From the love I resonate.
Firewire detonate

Firewire detonate
Let my soul emancipate,
Break the chains I designate,
And my freedom allocate.
You're the one I can't placate
You who I anticipate,
You can make my pain abate.
Firewire detonate

Firewire detonate
Stop the hurt and clear the slate;
Free my shoulders of this weight,
And my sense alleviate.
But I need to remonstrate
That you hold and calculate
What you're doing on this date
Firewire detonate

Firewire detonate
Open up your pallid gate.
Just don't let your heart misstate
What it is that you await,
Deep inside of your soul mate--
What you want to celebrate
In the life you navigate.
Firewire detonate

Firewire detonate
Lead me where I know is great
And you'll feel my heart elate
Don't you know I cannot wait
'Till I see you demonstrate
What I know you can create,
You who I anticipate.
Firewire detonate

Firewire detonate
Now I start to reinstate
All the good I had innate,
And again become ornate
As I kneel and supplicate
Slowly does my strength dilate
That you and I amalgamate
Firewire detonate.

* Some notes should be added to further explain this poem. There was a lot
of planning put into the metere and the overall structure of this, so I'll
try to explain it along with the significance of it all. On the major levels
of structure (line, stanza and entire poem) are representations of the numbers
7 and 8. On each line there are 7 syllables, and each line also rhymes with
the number 8. In each stanza there are 8 lines, 7 of which are distinct. And
in the entire poem there are 8 stanzas. The number 7 that relates to the
entire poem is different though. There are 64 total lines in the poem. In
addition to this, there are 47 distinct lines in the poem. 64 + 47 = 111.
The representation of 7 in binary is 111. Next, the significance of the numbers
7 and 8. 7 was picked because in binary it is represented by 111. Which is
three equally weighted digits. Next for 8, the prime factorization of 8 is
2*2*2. Again, a 3-way split where all three units are equal. Each of the
three digits is supposed to represent one of the three major objects in the
poem. the first is the speaker of the poem. the second is the object of
the poem, and the third is their relationship, which is what changes in the
poem. In keeping this sense of equality between factors and constituent
digits is to show that throughout the entire process of change all objects
involved are equally important.
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