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Notes 2

These are some notes I took at work in a kitchen during my sophomore and junior years at high school. For the most part these are unedited, and I may have included some of these, or parts of them in more refined poems that I have here. These are all first drafts, and probably won't receive much more attention from me, but if you find something here that you think I should expand, let me know.


The sun is hiding behind the storm's cloud
I see her in the distance, standing tall and proud


A unicorn's horn, the peak of innocence
Flaming passions burning incense
Together these two forge the way
For love, life desire come what may
For together they dream of life's great wonder
And apart they, in darkness stumble and blunder

Across the Pit, the vast angry void
They've left all the love they ever enjoyed
I speak to them lazy in greeting
For I sense their passion, once here, now fleeting
I mark for them their gay winter, long and dreaming
A time with faces bright, and once beaming
My Love once existed in another plane
She the freedom of innocence shook her beauteous mane
My belief in her is my faith in life's devotion
My love for her defies logical emotion.
She is my joy and all I desire
She has reached out to me and dispelled my deep mire
I thank her with graciousness and give to her my praise
I live for her as she has found a way to me in my maze.


The midnight of day
In the stars above
I've been ready for you
All of my life to love
The sun never dies at midnight


Darkness admire
And daylight conspire
In moonlight perchance a dream

When at last we meet
Our greetings sweet
Will forever that moment seem

Watch for the sky
It's my dream going by
On the wind just like a cloud

My Self for you
And you for me too
We walk together, out hands held - proud.

Midnight day, and midnight fight
Try to see in the midnight light
You'll see us stand in your sweet presence
The beautiful smell of flowery incense

Bespeak you of the love we share
Silently in the night's dark air
Greet with passion this line for thee
And with joy and happiness you will soon be

The love of my life has love torn
A child she is, a child unborn
Hidden behind a wall, her heart buried deep
Alone and for always, her emotions sleep

Until at once you awaken for the one
Your heart in joy your walls undone
Alone you are, and in loneliness you choose.
Whether in love you'll live, or if love you'll lose


Hold me tighter and I in your arms enclose
You are the only one that truly my heart knows
For now each of us shall begin our journey
And enter us into heaven's tourney


Speak softly, now your heart to me
I lie awake asking for your voice's comfort.
In dreams you came and in consciousness left me
To face the dark and wondrous night
I need strength
I thank you for what you bring to me
The strength you give
In mischievous ardor I in ancient days lived
But for now I am in mature splendor
An aged magus in timely waged
Battles grand of listless hate
Another day passes me by and I it in turn
I care for the fears of another and
Cry tears for the one borne of light
And aged in dark. Before my
Time did she cream her sparkling soul.
And for a third born in the dark and
Brought forth into the light
An aged soul and powerful dream
That believes in me and for me cries
I give to her my all my heart and soul
She takes but not to return she causes
Hurt and fervent pain


Pale winds strike
This morning dawn
I live through verse
A highland faun
A seedling nymph
A yearling doe
A peasant
The seeds that he will sow.
A board, a grave
Of lightning's death
Below I save
A man Macbeth


I take one look about me, and I sigh
My life will be without you, and I'll die
I've loved you since I was born
I wield now my sword of scorn
As you leave I watch you go
And I weep for you so
The best thing that I have had
It was you
And it makes me feel sad
Almost blue
For now I hold my sword of scorn
And will change that I was born
For don't you know I love you so?
And I won't stand to watch you now just go


It only hurts when you know
It only hurts when you feel
It only hurts when we talk late at night
Oh it's truly unreal.


I am who I am
Only because
I can be who
I am for you


Shadow dawn of day and night


35 is the breeze of the wind of your soul
At ten o'clock tonight will the death bell toll

# 14

I hear your name whispered in the breeze
The moon in the starlight a reflection of your eyes
Your words - - they try to hurt me
The claws beneath your gloves rasp
Across my flesh
Yet you fail to wound me
You still don't understand
Your hand rises to strike me away
Broken of body, but intact of soul
I stand before you weeping
My soul shattering, resolve firm
I love you deeply more than I can explain
My heart I once thought to be wild did
You today tame

The sun so far away
The moon above in the sky
I read what you wrote today,
And begin to cry
As my tears form and fall
I reach for your help as I always did
Yet I encounter stony cold, a wall
I tried to say the words - instead I ran and hid
I walk alone
With the stars in the night
Chilled to the bone
To face the day with fright
Unable to speak
Paralyzed with fear
My manners quiet and meek
I've lost all I hold dear.

Roses are red
A drop of crimson hue
Alone my heart bled
Until I now met you


Breeding from sorrow too great
My burning deep pain turns into hate.
On this day I wish you well
As I reside in my personal hell

For you I'll live and for you I'll die
And never in forever will I questions why
Without you I'll live, and of you, I'll dream
Each and every moment, in love that I seem

Ever-alone Life passes us by
Because the each other we did both vie
Forever and always, I will, you love
More then the sun, moon, or stars above.

Without you, I weep salty sweet tears
And will tremble, shy from all of my fears
If part we must
In this you may trust

Never again will we be the same
For all of this I take the blame
Yet it takes two to dance, you've done your part
From then until now, a mutual start.

Always for you forever I live
A gift from the heart: Love everlasting, I give
I give to you all, with nothing to gain.
I hope to share now, this love some call insane.


The moon in the wind
High above the skies
The night that we sinned
Away from others' eyes
My soul belongs to you
Until this night is over
My love for you is new
Born of this bed of clover
I have dreamed of knowing you love
Since the moment of my birth.
I admire the clouds above
But you're the best of this earth
The movement f the breeze
Gently across your naked face
Causes a wish, a desire to please
A wisp of hair lost in its place
The air pushing it in Gaia's soft caress
The sparse distance between our hands
And eternity and fraught with duress
Held a constant upon our new forged wedding bands
A ring never ending with the finish kissing the start
A serpent with its body bending
Swallowed its tail to encompass my heart
Seen by none but you and me,
Another marriage that was soon to begin:
A star in the night has set us free.
The dawn of a beautiful day, now born in sin


With darkness of night and ancient glory
In this old time unfolds my story
If days of bane
Where lovers lain
With stars at their back
It is wisdom they lack
For as in lust in hay
The was without love they lay
Soon after their shared heart
Came time for thew two to part

A place alone now waited
For now each other the two hated
A new lust overcome the couple's desire
Another in their lives with them conspire
They learn the truth of what they felt
They alone cases the other's heart to melt
Now that they know it is too late
For next to their love has grown jealous hate
Forever is lost to an evening's romance
Lost to the day in the forbidden night's dance

We dream now, today of what we have lost
With our lives so very torn and tossed
We face each other in the dead of night
And victor-less is the ensuing fight
None could win in our battle long
Came like breeze and ended like song
A kiss dissolves the hate
As we both took the bait
Backed with passion in the blood
Emotions crash like a flood

Back now to lust, but also with love
We say thanks to the gods above
Sealed our lives and sealed our fate
When at last there was no longer hate
Together we speak our live like one
Our time spent searching is now done
We dream our love is hear to last
To put behind us of our past
As we live forever: lovers and friends
We will continue for our love never ends

Put ahead of us is our future day
For now and always together we'll lay
I never before, our love had thought
That this was the one thing in life that I sought
With smiles and heart felt laughter
We'll be together for now and forever after
Our beauteous strength makes for a foundation
And righteous knowledge makes for our elation
For these four gifts I thank the gods
That we'd be together . . . what are the odds?
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